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Why and How PlanetWyatt works for you!

  • PlanetWyatt.com is a website and portal to quality children's literature and educational products.
  • PlanetWyatt is A Teachers BFF! (Book Friend Forever). PlanetWyatt is an online catalog and one-stop destination to finding all of your favorite books from all of your favorite publishers!

    Our customers are schools and libraries, after-school programs, non-profit literacy champions, gift stores and specialty stores.
  • Why PlanetWyatt?
    • Because... Teachers have enough to do.
    • Because... We streamline your ordering process and save you time.
    • Because... We provide you with a quote that can easily be used for approvals and purchase orders.
    • Because... Having a quote will save your purchasing department time and they will love you for that.
    • Because... Having one source for all of your books means they can be processed faster by your warehouse and receiving department saving them time, so they will love you.
    • And finally, because... It's our passion.
      We have the experience, we believe in working smarter not harder, and we are committed to your success and the success of your students.
Educational Sales Consultant:
Marsha Wipperman (PlanetWyatt)