Shiloh (Spanish Edition)
by Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds

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ISBN-10:   9681658051
ISBN-13:   9789681658052
Publisher:   Fondo de Cultura Economica USA
Category:   Spanish Books
Pub. Date:   November 2000
Pages:   152
Format:   Paperback
Ages:   10-13

When eleven-year-old Marty finds an abused beagle pup in his West Virginia town, he takes pity and agrees to work for the dog's unscrupulous owner in exchange for the animal. This gentle and endearing story of friendship teaches many important lessons.

En Espa?ol: En casa de Marty Preston no sobra el dinero, as? que parece imposible que ?l y sus hermanos tengan una mascota. Un domingo, Marty encuentra un cachorro al que decide cuidar y proteger. Para hacerlo deber? mentir y cada mentira le generar? un problema mayor. Pronto Marty comprende que no siempre es f?cil saber qu? es lo correcto.


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