Lincoln and Kennedy: A Pair to Compare
by Barretta, Gene

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ISBN-10:   080509945X
ISBN-13:   9780805099454
Publisher:   Henry Holt & Company
Pub. Date:   June 2016
Pages:   40
Format:   Hardcover
Ages:   6-10

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President Abraham Lincoln grew up in a one-room log cabin. President John F. Kennedy was raised in the lap of luxury. One was a Republican and one a Democrat. They lived and served a hundred years apart. Yet they had a number of things in common some are coincidental: having seven letters in their last names. Some were monumental: Lincoln's support for the abolitionist movement and Kennedy's support for the civil rights movement. They both lost a son while in office. And, of course, both were assassinated. In this illuminating book, Gene Barretta offers an insightful portrait of two of our country's most famous presidents.


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