The Good Dog
by Avi

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ISBN-10:   0689838255
ISBN-13:   9780689838255
Publisher:   Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
Category:   Middle School
Pub. Date:   April 2003
Pages:   256
Format:   Paperback
Ages:   8-12

2004  Children's Book Award (West Virginia) (USA)  Nominee/Honoree
2003  Emphasis on Reading Award (USA)  Nominee/Honoree
2005  Black-Eyed Susan Book Award (USA)  Nominee/Honoree
NULL  NULL (NULL)  Nominee/Honoree
NULL  NULL (NULL)  Nominee/Honoree

Quiz # (Quiz Name): 52623 (Good Dog) Reading Level: 3.7 Interest Level: Middle Grade Point Value: 5.0
McKinley, a malamute, is the top dog of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. But trouble brews when a she-wolf named Lupin urges the dogs to break free and join her dwindling pack. McKinley is drawn to her wildness, and he's torn between his loyalty to humans and a desire to be free.


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