Paul Bunyan
by Kellogg, Steven

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ISBN-10:   0688058000
ISBN-13:   9780688058005
Publisher:   HarperCollins Publishers
Edition:   20th Anniversary Edition
Category:   Folklore/Fairy Tales
Pub. Date:   June 1985
Pages:   48
Format:   Paperback
Ages:   4-8
Grades:   NULL to

AR Quiz # (Quiz Name): 9134 (Paul Bunyan: A Tall Tale) Reading Level: 5.7 Interest Level: Lower Grade Point Value: 0.5
Who was the largest baby ever born in the state of Maine? Who dug the Great Lakes? Who gouged out the Grand Canyon? Why, Paul Bunyan, of course, America's finest, fastest, funniest lumberman and favorite tall-tale hero.


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