By the Great Horn Spoon!
by Fleischman, Sid

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ISBN-10:   0316286125
ISBN-13:   9780316286121
Publisher:   Hachette; Little Brown Books for Young Readers
Category:   Chapter Books
Pub. Date:   April 1988
Pages:   193
Format:   Paperback
Ages:   8-12
Grades:   3 to

1983  FOCAL Award (USA)  Winner
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Accompanied by Praiseworthy, the butler, an orphan boy named Jack Fogg runs away & becomes involved in the California gold rush of 1849 in this hilarious adventure story. (Best Books for Children, 7th ed.) In this moving tale of love and adventure, Jack's aunt is forced to sell her beloved mansion to meet her debts. She is still unable to raise enough money to pay her creditors, and Jack goes to California in search of gold in order to help her. Text copyright 2004 Lectorum Publications, Inc. The year is 1849. Young Jack Flagg sets out to recoup his Aunt Arabella's fortune on a ship bound from Boston to the California gold fields. Thus begin the wild, swashbuckling adventures of a determined 12-year-old and his intrepid butler. Illustrations. Jack and the butler stow away on a side-wheeler bound for California where they join the Gold Rush of 1849


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