Ice Magic
by Christopher, Matthew

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ISBN-10:   0316139912
ISBN-13:   9780316139915
Publisher:   Hachette; Little Brown Books for Young Readers
Series:   Matt Christopher Sports Classics Ser.
Category:   Sports
Pages:   151
Format:   Paperback
Ages:   8-12
Grades:   3 to

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The twins' toy hockey game seems to be magic as it plays games identical to the real ones before they even happen. ICE MAGIC A strange power is at work in the rink... Pie Pennelli loves to play ice hockey, but he's got some problems: his hand-me-down skates are too big for him, and one of his teammates is always giving him a hard time. But Pie's troubles really begin when his next-door neighbors find an antique hockey game. They swear the game is magic and can predict every play Pie's team will make! When the magic game shows Pie immobilized in midgame, what does it mean for Pie on the ice?


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