by Byars, Betsy Cromer

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ISBN-10:   0064420639
ISBN-13:   9780064420631
Publisher:   HarperCollins
Category:   Chapter Books
Pub. Date:   December 2004
Pages:   64
Format:   Paperback
Ages:   7-10
Grades:   2 to

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1998  Sunshine State Young Reader's Book Award (USA)  Winner
2000  Iowa Children's Choice Award (USA)  Nominee/Honoree
1998  Bluebonnet Award (USA)  Winner
1999  Young Reader's Award (USA)  Nominee/Honoree
1999  Black-Eyed Susan Book Award (USA)  Nominee/Honoree

A tornado appears in the distance, and Pete, the farmhand, gathers everyone into the storm cellar. While they wait for the storm to pass,he tells the family about the dog dropped down by a tornado when Pete was a boy. Named Tornado, Pete's pet was no ordinary dog -- he played card tricks, saved a turtle's life, and had a rivalry with the family cat. By the time Pete tells all of Tornado's lively stories, the storm has passed, and another family has been entertained by this very special dog. When Pete was a young boy, a tornado struck his family farm, and brought with it a doghouse complete with a dog inside! Now another twister is on its way, and as a new family of farmers takes shelter from the howling winds, Pete passes the time with story after story about the amazing dog named Tornado.


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