Homeless Bird
by Whelan, Gloria

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ISBN-10:   0064408191
ISBN-13:   9780064408196
Publisher:   HarperCollins
Category:   Middle School
Pub. Date:   September 2001
Pages:   192
Format:   Paperback
Ages:   10-
Grades:   5 to

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2000  National Book Awards (USA)  Winner
2000  School Library Journal Best Books of the Year (USA)  Winner
2001  American Library Association Notable Books for Children (USA)  Winner
2002  Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award (USA)  Nominee/Honoree
2002  Maine Student Book Award (USA)  Nominee/Honoree

Forced to leave her family at thirteen and marry someone she has never met ... Koly's parents have arranged a marriage for their only daughter and now, like many girls her age in India, she will leave home forever. She yearns to flee, but tradition dictates that it's too late to turn back. On her wedding day, Koly's fate is sealed. Caught up in a current of tradition that threatens to sweep her toward a terrifying fate, Koly finds herself cast out, lost in a strange and cruel world. But sometimes, courage and hope can be more powerful than tradition, and fate can be taken into one's own hands. National Book Award Winner.
Gloria Whelan is a poet and an award-winning author who has written many books for young readers, including The Indian School; Once on this Island, which won the 1996 Great Lakes Book Award; Farewell to the Island; Return to the Island; and Miranda's Last Stand. She lives with her husband, Joseph, in the woods of northern Michigan.
This National Book Award-winning novel chronicles the story of a young Indian woman who dares to defy fate when she is forced into an arranged marriage.


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