The Pinballs
by Byars, Betsy Cromer

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ISBN-10:   0064401987
ISBN-13:   9780064401982
Publisher:   HarperCollins
Series:   Apple Paperback Ser.
Category:   Middle School
Pub. Date:   September 1992
Pages:   144
Format:   Paperback
Ages:   8-12
Grades:   4 to

1980  Mark Twain Award (USA)  Winner
1981  Maud Hart Lovelace Award (USA)  Winner
1980  William Allen White Children's Book Award (USA)  Winner
1979  Children's Book Award (Georgia) (USA)  Winner
NULL  NULL (NULL)  Nominee/Honoree

AR Quiz # (Quiz Name): 242 (Pinballs) Reading Level: 3.8 Interest Level: Middle Grade Point Value: 3.0
Carlie knows she's got no say in what happens to her. Stuck in a foster home with two other kids, Harvey and Thomas J, she's just a pinball being bounced from bumper to bumper. As soon as you get settled, somebody puts another coin in the machine and off you go again. But against her will and her better judgement, Carlie and the boys become friends. And all three of them start to see that they can take control of their own lives.


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