39 Clues : Card Pack for Books 1, 2 & 3
by Thakchoe

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ISBN-10:   0545083427
ISBN-13:   9780545083423
Publisher:   Scholastic Inc; Scholastic Press
Series:   The 39 Clues Ser.
Category:   Reading Series
Pub. Date:   October 2008
Pages:   32
Format:   Cards/Flash Cards
Ages:   9 to 12
Grades:   4 to 7


Harry Houdini. A poison injector ring. Alcatraz. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. What can they possibly have in common? Amy and Dan don't know, but fans of the 39 Clues series will soon find out. The first Cahill card series features 56 thoroughly intriguing evidence cards that kids need to hunt down the 39 Clues. The oversize cards (3.25 x 5) are loaded with top-secret Cahill information and intriguing puzzles that unlock the family's secrets. Each pack contains 16 randomly assorted cards, with at least one rare or ultra-rare card per pack.
The Cahills are the most powerful family in human history. The sourceof their power has been hidden around the world in the formof 39 Clues. The hunt for the clues is on - and these cards are yourbest chance to find them.
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