12 Again
by Corbett, Sue

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ISBN-10:   0142407291
ISBN-13:   9780142407295
Publisher:   Penguin Group (USA) Inc
Category:   Middle School
Pub. Date:   March 2007
Pages:   227
Format:   Paperback
Ages:   10 and up
Grades:   NULL to

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AR Quiz # (Quiz Name): 61265 (12 Again) Reading Level: 4.9 Interest Level: Middle Grade Point Value: 8.0
In this captivating novel, wife and mother of three Bernadette McBride makes a wish she never expects to have granted--to be young again. When she awakens--transformed into a twelveyear- old--on what should be the morning of her fortieth birthday, she is at first jubilant, and then quickly realizes how complex life has suddenly become. She enrolls in her son's seventh-grade computer class in hopes of enlisting his help, but it's not that easy. . . . Patrick, Bernadette's oldest son, has no idea what happened to his mother, but he refuses to give up hope. Unless he can get her back, he faces a life of waiting on his brothers. Can Patrick do the impossible? Can he rescue his mother . . . and return his family's life to normal?
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