50 Ways Physical Activity Tablet
by staff

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ISBN-10:   SLZX4291T0
ISBN-13:   SLZX4291T0000
Publisher:   Learning Zone Express
Category:   2012 USDA Approved NE Materials, Health/Nutrition, Activity Books
Format:   Tablet

CA 2012 USDA Approved NE Materials
8 1/2? x 11?, 2-sided, 50 sheets per tablet

Time is no longer an excuse for not getting physical activity incorporated into your life! Tablet front features 50 ideas for adding activity to your life in a variety of different ways from lifting hand weights during commercials, walking to school or work, to playing tennis. Backside of tablet briefly explains energy balance, offering 100 calorie snack suggestions and activities that burn 100 calories.
Educational Sales Consultant:
Marsha Wipperman (PlanetWyatt)