101 Music Games for Children: Fun and Learning with Rhythm and Song
by ; Illustrated by Cecilia Bowman

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ISBN-10:   0897931645
ISBN-13:   9780897931649
Publisher:   Hunter House
Series:   Hunter House Smartfun Book Ser.
Category:   Poetry, Rhymes & Songs, Health/Nutrition
Pub. Date:   March 1995
Pages:   160
Format:   Paperback


This lively and imaginative book is being used to help children learn about music and sound while they develop the ability to listen, concentrate, be creative, improvise; and trust one another. Using audiocassettes or CDs of popular songs and simple instruments, children and adults get to play listening games, concentration games, musical quizzes, and more. The games are not competitive--they encourage and reward children for participating, not for winning.
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