Young Gardener
by Stefan Buczacki; Beverly Buczacki

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ISBN-10:   1845072952
ISBN-13:   9781845072957
Publisher:   Frances Lincoln Children's Books
Category:   Agriculture
Pub. Date:   February 2007
Pages:   125
Format:   Hardcover; Cloth over boards

Children love nothing better than playing in the dirt, and gardening is a logical extension of the activity. Taking a green, organic, and environmentally friendly approach, this hands-on book combines information and tasks, some for children to do and appreciate alone, others to be done with adults. The projects are tied to the seasons; in spring, for example, children learn to sow seeds indoors, in house or greenhouse, and transfer them outside when they?re hardy enough to survive. This interactive book is designed to capture children?s imaginations and stimulate their enthusiasm for the natural world outside their own back door.
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