A Field Guide to Pigs
by John Pukite

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ISBN-10:   1560448776
ISBN-13:   9781560448778
Publisher:   Falcon
Category:   Agriculture
Pub. Date:   September 1999
Pages:   128
Format:   Paperback
Ages:   Adults to

John Pukite went back to the barnyard after the success of A Field Guide to Cows and the result is a one-of-a-kind field guide to the true star of any farmyard-the pig. Although swine have roamed fields and forests for centuries, this guide is the first to offer easy-to-understand descriptions and illustrations of the world's most popular breeds. Whether it is the massive Poland China or the roly-poly Vietnamese Potbelly, A Field Guide to Pigs is the one-stop reference for endless little-known facts, fascinating tidbits about pig behavior, and even etiquette for when you visit the farm. Casual pig watchers and porcinologists alike are sure to learn something new on every page.
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Marsha Wipperman (PlanetWyatt)