A Cotton T-shirt
by Sarah Ridley

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ISBN-10:   0836862945
ISBN-13:   9780836862942
Publisher:   Gareth Stevens Pub
Category:   Agriculture
Pub. Date:   December 2005
Pages:   32
Format:   Library Binding
Ages:   4 to 8

Ag Textiles
An ordinary object can have an extraordinary story when you find out How It's Made. This unique series presents everyday objects as the remarkable accomplishments of nature, science, and manufacturing they truly are. Clear, accurate facts and loads of full-color photos guide young readers through the step-by-step development of each object. Then the entire process, from raw materials through production, is summarized in a fun "Follow It Through" feature near the end of each book.
Educational Sales Consultant:
Marsha Wipperman (PlanetWyatt)